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Welcome to Puppy Therapy London ™

Take a Paws and Boost Employee Wellness with puppy cuddles!

Firstly — You're in good company.


Puppy Yoga Classes for your team.

Relax. Recharge. Bond.
Experience the physical and mental health benefits of yoga with the joy of puppy love. 

Classes begin with 15 minutes of gentle yoga.

Followed by intervals of yoga and puppy playtime every 10 minutes

And ends with a final relaxation period with a puppy placed on each participant's tummy for extra relaxation.
(If they decide to stay 🐶)

We recommend class sizes between 18-20 for the best experience — both for you and the puppies.

And Puppy Therapy in your office.

Puppy Therapy Sessions are 20-minutes for up to 8 employees at a time to enjoy balancing puppy cuddles
(Daily Max: 80 people)